Wealth Management Services

We  provide wealth management counseling for you and your business. Our services focus upon the financial aspects of your life. Call us to determine if we are right for  you.

We have your best financial interests in mind.  We place a strong emphasis on mutual funds.  Our team will tailor an investment portfolio for all your investment needs.  You might discover some tax advantages you didn't know you qualified for. We will make sure the investments we recommend will favor your life goals.   You’ll need a solid plan, and a firm that places your interests first at all times.

Our wealth management services include:

  •  Creation and implementation of budgets and accounting systems
  •  Evaluation of financing options, including basic valuations of your business, analysis of various forms of equity investments and the capacity of your business to support debt.
  •  Create and implement a cash management system.
  •  Assistance and evaluation of your company’s need for outside financing to grow your business, and determine the required amount of working capital you’ll need for sustainability.
  •  Develop a credit card system through Wells Fargo.

Call us at (213) 223-2248 or email us at info@providenceaccounting.com to learn how wealth management can benefit you.