About Providence Accounting Group

Ty Jackson, owner of Providence Accounting Group became interested in tax preparation when he began handing out fliers for another Tax Preparation service at age 14.

After majoring in accounting at Cal State Long Beach, Ty completed numerous courses, which gave him the foundation skills he would need to later serve his customer’s business needs.

In 2003, Ty Jackson opened a Mortgage brokerage service.  In 2007 due to changes in government regulations, Ty decided to concentrate his focus in the direction of tax preparation and accounting where he could best serve his clients.

Mr. Jackson is highly skilled in debt negotiation with the IRS. Mr. Jackson has been highly successful practicing his negotiation skill.  In 2012 he was able to negotiate a debt settlement with the IRS, which reduced his client’s bill from $75,000 to only $5,000.  Another business owner who came to Providence Accounting Group had not filed income taxes in twelve years. This client had an IRS debt of $800,000. This tax debt was negotiated down to a total of free and clear. Ty is most proud of helping a single mom who paid no taxes in four years.  This mom owed the IRS $1200 when she walked into Providence Accounting Group.  Mr. Jackson turned that debt into an IRS tax refund of $30,000.

Ty believes managing money is as important as earning it.  Mr. Jackson is expanding his relationship with Mass Mutual to provide his clients safe and extensive wealth management services, which will help them, keep more of the money they earn.

Providence Accounting Group provides the following services to residents of Los Angeles:

  • Accounting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Wealth Management

If you are in need of a professional bookkeeper who will be dedicated to your business, call Providence Accounting Group for an appointment.  Providence Accounting Group is open seven days per week by appointment only.  Call our offices at (213)223-2248.  Providence Accounting Group is located at 633 W. Fifth Street, Suite 2614B.