Tax Preparation Services

Providence Accounting Group ensures that all taxes are paid and filed on time.  Providence Accounting will file federal, state, and local payroll taxes with satisfaction guaranteed!

Tax planning, tax audits, payroll tax, sales tax filing with SBOE, and city business license taxes. We work with employees who are employed by a company to help them fill out their W-2 form.

Independent workers such as models, actors, artists, and construction workers can use us to complete a 1099 tax form to report income from “self-employment earnings, interest, and dividends.”

We learned that most people seeking tax services in Los Angeles are strongly misinformed when it comes to the correct information needed to include on their 1099. We will go over the details regarding which forms are right for you. Rely on us!

We will help ensure tax compliance and avoid penalties.

2020 Tax Preparation & Tax Service Discounts

  • IRS Transcript Delivery for $25
  • Tax Preparation Fees Starting as Low As $80
  • Offer and Compromise Packaging Service for $,1000


You will be guaranteed mistake free taxes for your first year, and premium counseling so that you’ll maximize your refund every year you use our tax preparation services.

Be sure to view the tax filing calendar, which shows important dates.

Email or call us at (213) 223-2248 for all your tax preparation needs.